This course will teach you the step-by-step process of cultivating awareness of your eating habits  in order to END these harmful cycles.

What can you except:

  • Learn to enhance your self confidence and achieve your goals.

  • Balance cravings to nourish your body and respect your journey.

  • Accept positive self-talk as you grow in self-worth.

  • Craft a unique routine for well-being that is right for YOU.

  • Learn to make effortless, impactful changes for your well-being.

  • Understand your eating habits and emotions' connection to food.

  • Incorporate mindful eating for daily self-care.

  • Get tools for your unique journey to health and self-confidence.

  • Discover the magic in small changes for a healthier, more confident you.

& MORE! 

Build a healthy relationship with your body by implementing simple key concepts through practical step-by-step guides, habit tracker, meal planner and precise tools!


  • No longer feeling like you have no control around food…

  • Feeling safe to eat anything you want in a restaurant…  

  • Finally breaking free from the diet cycle…  

  • Having a deep rooted understanding that you are ENOUGH… 

  • Knowing rarely to have cravings or eating attacks…

  • Releasing from the chains of self-doubt that are holding you back…

  • Waking up and not immediately dissecting yourself in the mirror…

Mindful Eating Mastery is going to provide you with all the key fundamentals you need to start practicing self acceptance and regenerate your relationship with food. 

This course is designed to support you on your journey towards self love and creating a positive transformation in your life through emotional balance, behavioral balance and physical balance. 

When watching the videos and practicing the principles in this course, you'll start noticing a shift in the way you walk, how you hold yourself, and in your food choices. 

This is because now you will be acting from a place of self-love and acceptance.


This Course is for you if want to start living from a place of self-acceptance and love and to live in harmony with your body and food.

This course will give you guidance in addition to support from our community to help you stay on track, along with tips on how to make small steps that have a big impact on your health and well-being. Don't let overwhelm prevent you from becoming a better version of yourself—start the journey today!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome ❤️

    2. Where To Start?

    3. Join Our Community

    4. Well-being Check In

    1. Before we begin...

    2. Key for success

    3. How to Set Goals and Achieve Them?

    4. Practice Goal Setting

    1. The Secret To Balancing Cravings

    2. Why Doesn't Meal Skipping Work?

    3. Practice Balancing Cravings

    4. Let's Check What You've Learned

    1. Examine Your Self-Talk?

    2. Where Does Self-Talk Come From?

    3. Practice Positive Self-Talk

    4. Check Your Self-Talk

    1. Master Positive Mindset

    2. Gain Genuine Confidence

    3. Nourish Yourself From Within

    1. What Does This Means?

    2. What Does Your Body Need From Nutrition?

    3. What Can You Do?

    4. Why Does Everything Start With Nutrition?

About this course

  • 39 lessons
  • Printable planners, habit tracker and more
  • Bonus - Free access the Glow & Grow community


“The habits we have followed every week have joined my regular routine and I'm really glad I manage to keep it. The program is full of all the good in everything you need. Remi is amazing and inspiring. I was very happy that she was available for me and gave me an answer to any question I needed. Her positive and stunning energy helped me a lot to get motivated and as she says: to show up! ”

“Remi's program accomplished something so difficult, yet so fascinating! It got me to build those small new habits that almost go unnoticed. You look back at the end of the program and are surprised to find that you just can't go without these habits anymore, and your body will even ask for them if you forget. Apart from the effective and simple home workouts, I appreciated the live calls with Remi in which she read me like an open book, helped me reframe some unhelpful ideas I had about my body and food, celebrated my wins and accompanied me in defining concrete steps. I owe so much of my progress to Remi and her amazing programs, that I even signed up for two different ones! 100% recommended.”

“A few months ago I started an amazing journey with Remi. I couldn't have asked for anyone more supportive, listening and dedicated than her. She has such good energy, so much knowledge and a true desire to help. Thanks to Remi I was able to change habits that were wrong for my body and I started listening to my body even more. Thanks to her my health has improved and I am now stronger and healthier. ”

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself

Take the first step towards creating a healthier you today!


  • How can I access the community?

    After signing up to the Mindful Eating Mastery Course, you can access our Glow & Grow Community! You can go to the community page from your student dashboard. Where you can see your courses and community. If you run into any trouble, reach out to [email protected].

  • What will I gain by the end of this course?

    By the end of this course you'll gain the tools and strategies you need to create a healthy routine that works for you. You’ll be able to identify your own habitual patterns and change them easily by taking small steps you’ll learn on this course such as: Mastering positive self-talk, the secret to balancing cravings and understanding optimal meal timing.

  • How long will it take me to reach my goals?

    This is very individual and depends on a few factors. The first being, your goal is your goal and it’s individual to you! Second, it’s also up to how much time and attention are you willing to invest in yourself to reach your goals? Third, if you’re setting your goals correctly you know that your timeline should be specific, realistic, achievable, relevant and time-based. To all of which - you can answer this question much better than me.

  • What are the technical requirements for the course?

    You can easily Laptop or smartphone. Once you sign up for the course, you create a profile in the course platform with your individual username and password. Your username and password are private and are for personal use only.

  • Is the course pre-recorded or includes live classes?

    This course includes pre-recorded classes, which after signing up you’ll receive unlimited access to. You can watch the classes at your own pace and re-watch them as many times as you would like.

  • What if I don't have time to watch the lessons?

    This course allows you unlimited access to the course materials and content after enrolling. You can watch the classes at your own pace and re-watch them as many times as you would like.

  • What if I have a question about a specific lesson?

    If you have any questions about a specific lesson or the course in general, you can always reach out and send a direct message in our community group or send an email directly to: [email protected].

  • What is the time commitment for this course?

    This course allows you unlimited access to the course materials and content after enrolling. Which means, you can do this course at your own pace - you can dedicate two days, two weeks or two months - all up to you! My recommendation - only after you formed a habit (each module offers a habit), move to the next one. Forming a habit usually takes 21 days.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    This course does not offer a cancellation policy. This digital course format allows unlimited access to course materials and content after enrolment. Once enrolled, students are committed to completing the course and are not eligible for a refund. If for whatever reason you have any concerns or questions, you can always reach out directly to: [email protected] or send a direct message in our community group.


Hi, I’m Remi and one of my biggest passions in life is to see women conquer their self doubt and live the best version of themselves. This passion grew out of my own journey having spent years hating my body and treating myself with no love at all. After studying different approaches, I finally developed a method that shifted my entire life both physically and mentally. Now, I get to share this with women like you around the world. My credentials: Degree of Traditional Naturopath (2012, Reidman College, Israel) Pilates Instructor (2015, Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit, Germany) Personal Trainer (2016, Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit, Germany) Certified Nutritionist (2019, Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit, Germany)

Remi Haik

What we’ll cover each module:

  • Module 1: you’ll learn the system for setting goals and achieving them! This system will help you stop feeling frustrated from yet another time you weren't able to stick to reaching your goals.

  • Module 2: you’ll learn the secret to balancing cravings! You’ll learn a practical way that will help you balance cravings AND how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

  • Module 3: we’ll cover how to master Positive Self-Talk. There’s an art to positive thinking & self-talk and it’s much simpler than you think. It’s time for you to uncover those secrets and for you to learn how to master your self-talk to support the life you want to create for yourself!

  • Module 4: you’ll learn about the foundations of nutrition. This will help you create and plan healthy meals for yourself while making sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs from your food.

  • Module 5: after mastering positive self talk, you’d want to build a bulletproof mindset that will make you unstoppable when it comes to your health and well-being. In this module you’ll learn how to practice.

  • Module 6: you’ll learn how meditation improves your relationship with food and how to start. You have a lesson that shows you exactly how to start and gives you more tips about meditation.

  • Module 7: you’ll learn what’s the optimal timing for meals, especially dinner time. We’ll break down all the myths and rumors about when you’re supposed to eat dinner and how you can practice it into your routine.

Take the first step towards creating a healthier you today!


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By enrolling in this digital course, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Remi Haik for clarification.